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Dancin’ in the Seats is Steve Weintraub's program of dance done while mostly or entirely seated. Dancin’ in the seats is not simply an exercise program, but brings an aesthetic dimension to movement. For an hour at a time, participants feel happy to be alive, graceful, and youthful.


Being seated allows a large range of movements without worrying about balance.  Some dances can be done standing with the back of the chair for support, and where participants are capable, even moving freely around the floor.


The classes utilize a structure that mixes the predictable with the novel; we always start and end the same way, and then we incorporate a rotating roster of familiar and new dances. In the course of a session, we engage and develop neural pathways, coordination, memory, higher executive function, gross and fine motor skills, and imagination. We dance to a wide range of music, including R&B, Motown, vintage classics, classical music, and both American and international folk; there is something for every taste and students enjoy the variety.


Steve has a wide experience teaching a variety of populations: children, teens, adults, amateurs, professional dancers, people with Parkinson’s Disease, and seniors of all abilities.  He has recently been perfecting this chair dance program, and he, the participants, and staff find it delightful and fulfilling.

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