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Some comments from participants and staff:

Steve’s class is so much fun!  It’s the best thing we have going at Brandywine. As much fun as it is, the physical and mental movements are a bonanza to the body and mind.

Keep up the good work, Steve!

R. Simon (Brandywine resident)


Dancin’ in your seat with Steve is a celebration. The hour class is a “happy hour”.  Everyone has a smile.

Suzi and Bernie K.  (Brandywine residents)


Steve’s dynamic presentation got everyone moving, even the skeptics. Our group was composed of older adults with varying levels of disability, and every single person found some movement they could perform--and enjoy. His welcoming and inclusive style made everyone feel comfortable. It was so heartening to see all the smiling faces. We can hardly wait until Steve returns for another session.

Mary J. Fallon, Executive Director  UUH Outreach Program


As a music therapist, I have had plenty of experience doing music and movement exercises with participants.  Watching Steve work with Homelink’s population, however, has been truly remarkable.  Steve’s warmth and compassion elevate his seated dance program to another level of therapeutic benefit for the consumer.  Steve has an ability to lead a group, while also focusing on individual needs and goals.  Steve’s group has become so popular, in fact, that participants frequently request to join “Dancin’ In the Seats”.  At Homelink, we are so thankful for Steve and his many talents.

-Greg Lazzaro, MM, MT-BC, NMT   

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